Emerald Value

Determining gemstone value is a truly difficult task. Years of study, computer programs and decades of business experience will help but it is an art of getting close and still never being exactly correct.

Emeralds are a beast amongst themselves. Lets see how you do with the suite below.

Here is the data on each stone.

A: Colombian Emerald, 3.26ct, No Oil, commercial cut.

B: Colombian Emerald, 2.86ct, Oiled, Commercial cut.

C: Ethiopian Emerald, 3.86ct, No Oil, Precision cut.

D: Colombian Emerald, 2.30ct, No Oil, Commercial cut.

Answers: Current Market

A: $50 - $75 per ct

B: $15- $20 per ct

C: $800 - $1000 per ct

D: $200 - $300 per ct

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