Good times in Denver

Every year in September the Denver Gem and Mineral show occurs. This show is very fun for meeting and greeting people you know in the industry. What it's not great for is finding faceted gems. However, there is so much going on you won't miss them!

This year we attended a GIA Alumni meeting where the guest speaker was Jeffrey Post, curator for the Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection. He gave a fascinating talk about the history of how they obtained donations and the stories behind them. He then moved on to showing us photos of gems and having us guess what they were. And...I got the most correct! He also spoke about the direction the museum was headed and collections they were expanding. One of them is Fluorite. We happened to have an outstanding Fluorite from Inner Mongolia and it is now being donated to the museum! I'm totally honored that they would want and accept one of our stones.

51 ct Fluorite from Inner Mongolia. Cut by Tim Condron of Sedona, AZ

Boyd Fox and Jeffery Post

This is Boyd Fox with Jeffery Post after the GIA meeting.

The Denver show has lots of activities for children too! There is an area where they can do arts and crafts, experiments and learn about gems and minerals. They even have roving dinosaurs to entertain. Here is me getting "eaten" by one!

This show is fun for all and a lot more "low key" than the Tucson show. I highly recommend it for meeting people in the industry and having fun with the family!

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