The Largest Gemstone Show in the World

Every year at the end of January gemstone and jewelry sellers, buyers and the public gather in Tucson, Arizona, USA for the largest show in the world. Some shows are closed to the general public but many are free for anyone to attend.

I thought I'd give you an idea of what one of my days at the show looks like.

Wake up, grab breakfast and then head to the show. The vendors set up their booths until 10am when the buyers can enter. The first day I need to go to the registration booths first to get my entry tags for that year. Stand in line. Get the tag.

Upon entering the show the first day it always takes a few minutes to get my bearings. Even though I've been to that same show many times the sheer volume of what you are seeing is disorienting at first. Everywhere you look there are literally millions of dollars of gemstones and jewelry!

Next job is to look at my list of what I need and what my buyers are wanting me to find for them. Sometimes this is easy and other times it is super difficult! Start walking. Keep walking. Stop and chat with someone. Keep walking. Stop and look at inventory. Keep walking. Get the idea? In one day this year my phone said I had walked 4.5 miles!

Lunch? What is that? Many of the vendors keep bowels of chocolates and other candy at their booths to help keep up our blood sugar so we can (and walking).

Next is a meeting in another show where I am finishing a sale for the 5th largest Zultanite ever sold! How do I get there? Walk, of course. I've learned my lesson and keep well hydrated. Tucson is in the desert and it's very dry.

After that meeting I have to run back to the previous show for yet another meeting. Then, you guessed it, back to the other show for yet more meetings.

It is really fun to connect with people you haven't seen in a while and to meet new contacts. But, I'm there on business. So, back to walking, talking, looking, buying and drinking water.

This goes on all day long! It's hard to not stop and look at everything but I have to keep my goals in mind and look at only the things my buyers want. But, at the same time, I'm looking out for new finds, trends, price checking, and building contacts. It's hard work!

I run to catch the last bus leaving for my hotel. Once at the hotel I actually sit down for a minute which feels like heaven! Quick break, look over all the things I accomplished that day and what I need to accomplish in the coming days. Now it's time to shower and get ready for the evening gala. Personally, I don't like cameras so I avoid the red carpet part at the entry and sneak around the side. Depending on the event we have dinner, listen to a presentation or awards, then comes "letting your hair down" with drinking and dancing. I personally skip that part and just mingle, meeting new people.

Finally, back in my hotel room! My feet are killing me! After quick brushing of teeth, etc. I fall exhausted into bed.

The next morning...repeat.

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