Who can be a cutter and why?

I get asked all the time how I got into this business. I can see as I respond that the person I am talking to is really self reflecting on whether they have what it takes to do what I do. Well, to be honest, a basic understanding of chemistry, math and spacial reasoning is helpful...however all those things can be learned in time. Really the basic tool that I use is patience. Nothing happens quick and learning a new trade will not happen overnight. We are talking years to get good at basic gemstone cutting and a few more to start honing your skills to a higher level. So this is not for everybody, if you are looking for a quick paycheck I suggest you move on to something else. I can say that you will learn something new everyday and no one person knows everything and to be honest that is why I truly love what I do. The challenge of learning and getting better is the driving force for me.

So with that basic understanding understood...now to answer the question. Well anyone can. If you have decent vision, one functional hand a truck load of patience I suggest you give it a try. Believe it or not but men seem to rule the gemstone and jewelry industry. I personally would love to see more women in the business. Now there are some really exceptional women that cut gemstones and design jewelry. But for the most part males are about 95% of the people I talk to everyday in the industry. So if you are a women looking to get into the business I strongly suggest you do so because there is not much competition for you to deal with. The best way to get started is find someone that is cutting in your neck of the woods and ask to watch them cut a stone. If they are cool with it you have your first foot in the door. Now you will see what happens and get a better picture of how the operation works. Again you are learning so ask questions and be nice. If all goes well and you enjoyed your experience you can look into buying your own tools and material and get to work on your own and the journey begins.

So you have your tools and material all laid out and you are now a gemstone cutter. Why did you choose to take up this profession? If it was to get rich you should be in the hole about $10K by now so that didn't work out yet. No one knows you as a cutter other then the person that showed you how to cut. So no help there. Now you have to put in the time and grind it out. Yep pun intended. For me it is a zen thing. There is an elegant ballet between my mind, the machine, the stone, math and science. All coming together in to find a solution that works. Cutting to me is like YOGA for the mind and I get to make something pretty out of it. You will make connections and mistakes but stay focused and you will go as far as you want. Really you are your only limit.

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